Shrimp Plant Justicia brandeegeana

Red Shrimp Plant

Evergreen shrub ~ 3′ tall
Well drained soil, drought tolerant
Protect from freezing
Morning sun, afternoon shade
Prune heavily in fall to promote bushy growth

Propagate by cuttings

Native to Mexico

Attracts hummingbirds

I’ve grown other varieties of shrimp plants. They are pretty easy to grow if you keep them warm in the winter and in an area protected from afternoon sun. A heavy pruning once the weather cools down (Nov or so) will keep it looking good

Phyllanthus urinaria Chamberbitter aka Gripeweed aka Little Mimosa

At 6′ tall it’s not so little


The weeds are the plants I have the most difficult time ID’ing. No one puts out books on weeds.

This showed up a few years ago and it’s been impossible to eradicate. On the upside they are tall and pull up easy so it’s not a lot of work to remove them. Best practice is to pull them before they have a chance to reseed. Seeds require light to germinate

Height: up to 2′ (see photo of 6′ plant at top of page)
Prefers warm, moist, shady soil, but will grow in full sun
Native to Asia

Don’t try this at home:
– plant may have anti-tumor, antiviral properties. This is folklore, I couldn’t find any scientific studies to back this up