Viagra keeps cut flowers from drooping

. . . they have already tested Viagra on strawberries, legumes, roses, carnations, broccoli, and other perishables. In this latest research they found that 1 mg of the drug (compared with 50 mg in one pill taken by impotent men) in a solution was enough to prevent two vases of cut flowers from wilting for as much as a week longer than might be expected. . . . [ read more Viagra makes flowers stand up straight ]

How to choose and care for cut flowers

Single stem flowers should have blooms fully open. ( asters, calendulas, chrysanthemums etc )
Branching flowers should just be starting to open. ( roses etc )

Cut early morning for best cut flowers and immediately put into a bucket of water
Blooms that have not yet begun to open often won’t once cut

Should be clean
Fill with warm water
Place in a cool room away from direct sunlight

Remove leaves that will be under water
Cut the bottom inch off of each stem

I just add 1 tsp of vinegar
A more common recipe is: ( 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp bleach, 2 tsps lemon or lime juice, 1 quart warm water )

More information:
The Kindest Cut

Houston Flower Show, Florescence “Cosmos”

It is hard to go wrong with a theme like Cosmos. It was a very nice show. In keeping with the theme there were some really cool unusual designs.

There were a lot of little water gardens this year. That must be the new ‘in’ thing. You know how trends move fast through the gardening world. Now I can’t wait to start one.

I’m not going to say much today, but there are about 15 or so pictures from the show posted on my photos page for you to enjoy. Just follow the link below.

Ikenobo class

… As Moscow watched the Soviet empire collapse around it in 1991, an expert in the ancient art of ikebana flower arranging flew in from Japan.

For most of the 16 years since, Midori Yamada has taught Russians to search for harmony in the lines of branches, flowers and vases as attempted coups, and spectacular booms and busts played out on the streets outside.

“Our school is very strict, each flower has its laws,” she said.

“With constant work you finally learn them, but it is not the head that learns, but the heart,” she said in an interview in a northwestern Moscow apartment, transformed to feel like a little corner of Japan . . .

Today I took a class in Ikenobo down in Houston proper.

Ikenobo translates to ‘flowers kept alive’. It is the oldest of the ikebana schools which were founded by the Buddhist priest Ikenobo Senkei. It dates back to the 15th century. ( see Ikenbana )

The class we attended was at the Tachibana School. It was fun and the class was only $10. You should bring a container for your arrangement and a frog. I found a frog at Garden Ridge. The school supplied the flowers and greenery.

This was my first flower arranging class, and it shows. But that’ll give me an excuse to take more classes.

Though it was warm and spring like this morning, the wind chime has been ringing almost non-stop since I returned home so I can hear the cold front moving in here.