Knockout Roses

Just planted Double Pink Knockout Rose, Aug 2019
Filling in nicely Nov 2019
They are more impressive than they appear in this photo
Steadily blooming and filling out – first pruning will be next spring

I’ve seen lots of good press about Knockout Roses, but who pays attention to press releases?

I’ve a front bed that gets full, blazing afternoon sun. I put a few out there and despite general neglect over the summer they did quite well. ( anything that doesn’t die out there I consider a success )

So I bought a whole lot more and lined the front bed. It immediately stopped raining. I’ve been watering them heavily. I’ll start to taper that off this week. They are all alive, the ones in the sunniest locations have dropped some leaves.

More info and photos after I get to know them better.

These are doing well, they were a bit unhappy late summer despite it raining regularly. They do want a good soaking once a week if it hasn’t rained. They are steady growers, not too fast, not too slow.

The roses barely noticed the big freeze. They dropped their leaves, but budded right back up. I waited until I saw new buds before pruning them so it was a late pruning. Typically you’d prune mid Feb