Zygopetalums are usually heavily scented. They are considered an easy growing plant and many hybrids are on the market.

Water enough to keep the roots from drying but don’t let it sit in water.

Moderate light, no direct sun, but bright indirect sun.

I plant all my orchids in semi-hydro now. Use a shallow glass container, fill it with pebbles ( usually clay ) and keep just a little water in the bottom of the container.

Zygon: means yoked petal

Native to South American ( Venezuela, Peru, Brazil ) rain forests about half way up the mountains, usually in recently disturbed locations that have an increase in light.

The flowers are often green with purple splotches. The lip usually has white stripes.The pseudobulbs tends to be rounder than most

I’ve found references as far back as 1839 on hybridization and care of Zygopetalums.


Researchers have identified the gene related to the greenish flower mutation in the Habenaria orchid