I loved my Nepenthenes Miranda so much that when I started rebuilding my carnivorous plant collection I put them at the top of the list.

Right now there are 10 small Nepenthenes scattered about the house and just as many jars of seeds I’m hoping to germinate.

I ordered seeds on eBay from several different sellers, eBay has the best offerings for the price and a jar of the ampullaria just germinated today. The apullaria seeds took about a month to germinate, some N. Madagascarier took only a week. The seeds are on a south west facing windowsill. The temperature varies from about 100’F-70’F. I spray them in the morning and evening with distilled water to keep them damp. The seeds are on peat moss that has sphagnum moss on top.

While digging for information on Nepenthenes I ran across Growing Nepenethes Around the House which has more information than any other site I’ve found on these plants so far. My seeds are germinating in 60-70 days.

Terraforums has lots of information on growing them from seed.

My nepenthes addiction has superseded my orchid addiction. The house is now full of them. I’m growing all lowland nepenthes. They are divided into lowland, intermediate and highland. Depending on where you live you’ll want to chose some that like your growing conditions.

Lowlands prefer light shade, or dappled light, and warm temeratures 60’F+
Intermediates fall between the two and make good house plants for most climates.
Highlands wants lots of light and cool temperatures 40’F-70′
All of them prefer very high humidity.

Both do well on windowsills where humidity tends to be high and there’s difference in day and night temperatures.

The lowland ones mostly grow in swamps, keep them pretty damp. The highland ones like it slightly drier but don’t let them dry out.

Nepenthes have black, thread like roots and not a lot of them. Keep them in small pots.

I’ve done well with them planted in net pots ( like you use for aquarium plants ) and sphagnum moss. I also have some in plastic wine glasses and peat moss. Some I have planted in clay pellets like the orchids. The clay pellet semi hydro is a bit tricky for the nepenthes. A few were lost when I switched them over.

Most Nepenthes have different upper and lower pitchers, notice the change in both color and shape:

Different upper and lower pitchers on Nepenthes