Orchid Cactus ( Epiphyllum oxypetallum ) aka Night blooming cactus

And a spineless cactus she is! This cactus will grow to as tall as 3′ and have 2′ long branches that produce stems and flowers. Although the flat stems look like leaves they are not leaves.

This is the most popular of the houseplants I put outside each summer, I’ve given away cuttings to probably all 100+ houses in the neighborhood.

This can grow as a hanging plant, lots of sun, more water than most cactus, it’s a tropical cactus. I water it about as much as a typical house plant. It can be grown in less than full sun but will bloom more in full sun.

I’ve also seen them upright. Put a thick stake in the middle, with some horizontal pieces at the top. Train the young shoots to grow up the stake and let the branches grow across then fall off the horizontal pieces. It’ll look like an umbrella.

These plants can be mounted and grown with just a small amount of moss around the roots.

Keep the temperature above 40’F. If the temperatures are going below 40’F I take several cuttings and start them inside to put back out in the spring.

If you are having trouble getting yours to bloom try to place it some where a bit chilly for a couple of weeks. Perhaps in a garage or basement near a window or door so it still receives light. Do not let it freeze! Chilly – not cold is what you want.

The flower is heavily scented, opens at night and lasts only one evening.

I’m told they are addictive and looking at the pictures at the link above and below I can see why. If you look online you can find several cuttings for sale cheap with flowers from white to yellow to pinks and reds