Billbergia Hallelujah bromeliad

Billbergia bromeliads all have the distinctive rosette with few leaves. Leaves have spines, are are patterned. Given more light this one will develop a much more pronounced pattern of white spots on its leaves.

The flower on this has yet to fully open.

These are some of the easiest to grow bromeliads.

They are suitable for pots or hanging containers.


Size: ~12″-18″ tall, 9″-12″ across
Light: medium to high ( can take full sun if gradually adapted to it )
Temperature: 45’F-95F’ (can tolerate 32’F – 120’F for short periods of time )
Humidity: high
Fertilizer: light
Water: keep water in the cup

Genera is named fro Gustavo Billbergia a Swedish botanist. First cultured in 1815 it took 80 years to develop hybrids.

Mulford Foster brought them to popularity in the US during the 1940s

Billbergia are native to Mexico, South and Central America.