Leopard plant ( Farfugium japonica ginanteum aka Liqularia tussilaginea ‘Gigantea’ )

Honey bees love this plant

I ordered this up from ‘Plant Delights Nursery’, planted it last month and it has wasted no time getting settled in and growing. I noticed it was also available at the Mercer sale, and was very popular there. The plant will get about 3′-4′ across and 3′-4′ in height, each leaf will get to be about 2′ across. The foliage is extremely shiny and leathery.

It gets yellow, daisy like flowers on long stalks in the late summer, but the foliage is the real attraction. It is so large and shiny the leaves do not look real.

Leopard plant requires moist soil and part to full shade. It does well as an under canopy plant in moist areas.

Survives Houston summers and hard freezes, though I lost a few leaves from the frost. The hard frost in the winter of 2016-2017 killed several leaves but the plants took off growing as soon as it warmed up a little. The entire plant wilts rather dramatically in July and Aug afternoons.

Easy on the fertilizer, it is easy to burn this plant.

I have some growing in sunnier spots, but not full sun yet.

Propagate by division. These grow like weeds but do not get out of hand. Each fall I dig up and divide the larger ones. There must be 20 of them here now. I love the look and they are very low maintenance.

If you are tired of hostas, consider this as a replacement plant.

There are also variegated forms and other leaf shapes available.

Survived the great heat and drought summer 2011, and cold winters of 2017/2018 and 2020/2021. They died back to the ground but were the first to show new growth