Micro water gardens

The Houston Garden Club flower show in 2007 had some great underwater designs, yesterday I attended a Woodland’s Garden Club talk on underwater designs, the photos are from both of these.

There were several versions of small water gardens. I’m not sure if its a new trend or something local to this area? I haven’t been living down here long.

These would be great little gardens for a desk or counter top. You might even add a fish.

You can buy these large glass containers cheap now. I see them at Walmart all the time. You can get water plants at any store that sells fish and fish tank supplies.

Things I learned:
– Round clear glass is best
– A design takes a complete thought and moves your eyes through it, while an arrangement is just pretty
– The water line is part of the design
– Oranges from Florida are dyed and will leak the dye into your water, California oranges are not dyed.
– Water magnifies every thing, use that to enhance your design