African mask aka Elephant ears ( Alocasia amazonica Alocasia Polly )

I think this is my favorite of all the Alocasias. It is certainly the most dramatic looking. Leaves can reach 2′ long and it will bloom indoors when happy.

I murdered countless Alocasia Amazonicas following the directions I found online (including this one). Finally a bit of experimenting brought me limited success.

These plants need as much sun as you can give them. I have them in a south west facing window in Houston. Most plants with red under the leaves prefer shady environments, not these.

Water as you would for most houseplants, soak it and let it drain. I find these plants love water.

It has been known to suddenly drop all its leaves. Not to worry, new leaves usually appear almost immediately.

Keep an eye out for spider mites they like this plant.

This plant is a hybrid of Alocasia longiloba Miq and Alocasia sanderiana Hort. It was created in a nursery in Florida


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