Queen Palm ( Palma de reina / Cocos plumosa / Syagrus romanzoffiana )

I know the queen palms are difficult to see in these photos, I’ll post clearer ones as they mature. They are the tall, thin palms with arching leaves 10′-15′ long. They usually retain a canopy of about 12-18 leaves.

They’ve been in the ground about 4 months and already they’ve grown a foot or two. I picked up 3 at $10/each last spring. Any plant being sold cheap you can count on to be a fast grower.

The expected height at full growth is 50′ with a 30′ spread according to the tag, yet all the ones I’ve seen around town are quite compact in width. Time will tell.

They like sun, semi moist soil and the tag claims they can handle temperatures as low as 10’F but most sources say no lower than 20’F. This year has been quite dry and one of the three palms is located where the irrigation does not reach, weekly watering seems sufficient for them.

There seems to be some confusion about the botanical name, there are three I’ve found it keeps being moved from one location to the next.

They are native to South American and the Caribbean, considered invasive in Florida and parts of Australia.

These died the first winter I had them. idk? The stores always have them, but they didn’t handle the cold in my gardens.