I picked up these caladiums as a border plant in bulb form at Walmart. They are late to appear, not poking above ground until June.

Caladiums grown in zones 9-11 and can reach 2′ tall. For best color give them some shade. They love high humidity and to be watered frequently. It’s been quite dry here for at least a month and they seem to have held up okay despite being low on water.

Often early leaves will revert back to the species with later leaves developing the true colors.

There are no stems, leaves rise directly from the tuber.

Leaf scorch and spider mites are common problems.

Remove dormant tubers from the ground
Cut them into sections vertically, making sure there is a growth bud on each
Dust the cut surfaces with a fungicide
Pot them and keep them in a very humid atmosphere

Origin is South American rain forests. The original plants had plain green leaves with red and white spots randomly distributed. The first to begin breeding caladiums were a couple of Frenchmen in the mid 1800s.

Like most tropical plants caladiums are toxic containing both calcium oxalate crystals and asparagine.

Meh. These were unimpressive and didn’t survive the winter. I don’t think they are worth the trouble.

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