Spring Creek Greenway

If you have a chance to hear Al Barr talk on snakes or birds you’ll want to go hear him, he is a fascinating speaker. Right now he is with the Spring Creek Greenway which you can visit and join him on a bird walk 2nd Saturdays at 730 am.

Tips and interesting notes from the talk:
If you put a twig on your feeder for birds to land on you can capture photos of the birds on a branch rather than the feeder.

English sparrows are invading and you have to keep them out of your blue bird and purple martin houses, they will kill them and take over the houses.

Ruby throated hummingbirds fly 650 miles across the Gulf of Mexico in one night during their migration.

Yaupon berries are high in sugar and can ferment and you may wind up with drunk birds after they’ve fed on them.