Sudden oak death

I’ve lost two oaks to Oak Wilt. Now we may loose more of our oaks to a new threat spreading across from the west coast.

It’s not just oak that are effected, bay laurels, rhododendron and viburnum are also susceptible.

In sudden oak death the leaves at the top die first, canker appear leaking reddish sap, then beetles attack the tree.

Sudden oak death and Phytophthora ramorum, both first recognized about a decade ago, have been the subject of hundreds of scientific and popular press articles. This document presents a comprehensive, concise summary of sudden oak death and P. ramorum research findings and management activities. Topics covered include introduction and background, identification and distribution, the disease cycle, epidemiology and modeling, management and control, and economic and environmental impacts. Sudden oak death and Phytophthora ramorum

Sudden oak death: A threat to Texas Forests

Check plants before you bring them home from the nursery and remove and destroy effected plants.