Moss Rose (Portulaca grandiflora )

There are about 100 species of portulaca, some are annuals some are perennials. They are semi-succulent and I bought them as filler for the water wise sections of the garden.

Portulaca grandiflora is an annual, which is a rarity among succulents. Flowers are large, they can reach 3″, these are about 1″ now. Flowers open in the sun and close under clouds and at night.

These grow just about anywhere but are not frost hardy, they are rated for zones 10-11 only.

Plant in full sun to light shade, well drained soil

Drought tolerant but will flower more if well watered.

Height should be about 4″-8″ tall, 8″-12″ spread.

I planted some a week ago and they tripled in size, so I went and purchased a dozen more.

South American native.

Hardiness Zones 5-11

Propagation: This plant should reseed itself.

Aphids, root-knot nematodes.

Did not survive the extreme heat and drought of the summer of 2011

More information:
Floridata: Portulaca grandiflora

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  1. I love these plants… they’ve given me flowers all summer long… I’ve got them in the ground and they are still thriving, I have been watering them almost daily.

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