Japanese Lantern aka Flowering Maple ( Abutilon sp )

I’m told this plant does well in dry, shady areas, but it will also handle moist, well drained soil.

It can handle shade to part sun, but no direct sun. Yet some people report growing it in full sun. It is one of the few plants that has bright colored blooms in shady areas.

Protect from cold, but it should return from the roots if we have another bad winter. It’s really only rated to zone 10a.

If it dies back during a drought, it should re-appear once we start getting rain again.

Should reach 3′-5′ in height, can reach 10′.

Supposed to be a butterfly attractor, it’s too soon for me to tell, I’ve only had this plant since March Mart.

Blooms non-stop in Houston.

Loves to be pruned frequently.

Does not transplant well, choose a planting location carefully.

Like most plants that grow here it is toxic.

Propagate from stem cuttings.

Go easy on the fertilizer.

Susceptible to whiteflies, spider mites ( shouldn’t be a problem with the humidity here ), scale( keep branches from touching the ground, prune up ) and mealy bugs.

Note: Did not survive the extreme heat and drought of summer 2011 It reappeared in 2012 and is about 6′ tall now. I took several cuttings. It is easy to propagate. These sure are fussy. It’s a good thing they are so pretty. I’ve cut them back to the ground after the Feb 21 deep freeze. No signs of life yet but it’s only late March

The 6″ tall cuttings I put in the ground late spring are now at 4′-8′ tall at the end of Aug. I figure it helped that we had rain once or twice a week all summer.