Cameo Quince ( Rosaceae Chaenomeles )

Back in Boston I had a quince that came with our home outside my office window. It was the first plant to flower every spring and my favorite.

This year in Houston, the first plant to bloom is the quince. Last fall I found a Cameo Quince and put it outside my office window down here in Houston.

We are really at the lower edge of where it will grow ( zone 5a-8b ) and I’m not sure how well it will do in the summer but I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

This quince is planted in part shade but it will do well in full sun.

Chaenomeles cameo quince does not have the thorns many other quinces do.

In a cold winter quince will drop its leaves, this one retained its leaves all winter, even in the deep freeze of Feb 21.

Watering needs are average.

Needs little pruning to keep its shape. Quince will reach about 5′ tall by 6′ wide.

Quince was a staple in Victorian gardens. The fruit must be cooked before eating. It was commonly baked in pies that are similar to apple pies.

Note: Another survivor of the summer 2011 extreme heat and drought.