Managed Relocation for Plants

It’s not quite a witness protection program, it’s more of a hide from the climate program. Botanists are collecting seed from several native plants, believed to be endangered by shifting climates and relocating them to more favorable climates.

Despite the current hysteria the climate is always changing and the evidence is scant that disaster is impending. Also plants have been evolving for millions of years, if we give evolution a crutch what will the plants lose? Will they become, like corn, totally dependent on their human keepers?

That said I’m a big fan of saving seeds and plants for future generations that might not survive on their own. And plants not transported on their own to better climates are likely to move themselves there sooner or later so it’s unlikely great harm will be done. But remember, move the plants, and the insects and animals who use those plants will move with them.

If you are in any gardening organization you are aware of the Millennium Seed Bank and I hope you are contributing seeds. If you are not informed about the Millennium Seed Bank plan on attending the lecture at Houston Garden Federation Nov 13th 930 am for a talk on the Seed Bank.

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