Zingiber Neglectum ( Jewel Pagoda )

Any plant with neglect ’em in the name sounds like it’s right up my alley. What the name really refers to is that the flower is hidden from view.

The drought has not been kind to the gingers, they have all grown, all flowered, but the leaves are scorched and the flowers dismal on many of them.

When not in a drought the flower has a brilliant scarlet edge to each cup and is truly stunning. The edges should turn more red with time as the flower matures. The actual flowers are a pale, translucent white and there is one per cup.

As with other gingers, give this plant mostly shade to dappled light and moderate water.

Feel free to cut leaf stalks in the winter back to ground level or leave them if you want the foliage.

Propagate by division.

Native to Indonesia.

Note: Survived and bloomed during the extreme heat and drought summer of 2011