Datura metel ‘Flore Pleno’

The Woodlands is really at the edge of where this plant will grow, it should do just fine in Houston proper and south.

Full sun is preferred, part shade will work for Datura metel.

Full grown this shrub should be about 6′ tall and rather narrow in height. This is considered an outstanding ornamental plant and loved by all the gardeners who grow it.

Leaves on this plant are course and can add texture to the garden. It is said there is an unpleasant smell to the leaves. I haven’t noticed it.

Datura is highly toxic as it contains tropane alkaloids, but then everything that grows here seems to be toxic,  since it is also a hallucinogen you’ll probably die happy should you eat it. While Brugmansia is knowns as the Angel’s Trumpet, Datura is often referred to as the Devil’s Trumpet or Angel’s tears.

Ointments were made from datura roots and seeds in medieval times and rubbed onto the skin, resulting in severe hallucinations and greatly increasing your chances of being burned at the stake.

Protect from frost. This one died after several hard freezes last winter.

The red flowered forms are not as sturdy as the purples.

Best propagated from cuttings, use woody cuttings, green ones don’t root

Drought tolerant once established.