Crassula muscosa ‘Princess Pine’

This crassula was acquired at Mercer. I picked it up at the succulents talk, but they had them for sale at the summer sale as well.

It is like a miniature pine forest, I have it planted as a ground cover near the front door. I planted it a couple of weeks into the current heat wave/drought and you can see in the top view photo where it’s a bit wilted from the heat. Perhaps it’ll handle the heat better after it has settled in?

It also prefers a far more acidic soil than we have here ( our is about 8, it prefers 5.5 ).

While it is recommended for full sun, they don’t mean full sun Houston. In Houston and other warm, sunny areas some shade is needed.

Flowers are extremely tiny, yellow and heavily scented.

Height can reach 6″.

Once it is established it will need very little water and easily suffers from over watering.

Heat, freeze and drought tolerant, slow to get going.

Originally from southern Africa.

Watch for mealy bugs.

Propagate from soft woody stem cuttings or from offshoots.

– Take a cutting of a branch that has hardened up a bit, ones that are too new won’t take.
– Remove lower leaves ( scrape the leaf like things from the bottom of the stem with a fingernail )
– Plant the lower part with leaves removed in sphagnum moss and cover to keep the humidity high
– Slowly remove the lid letting it adapt to lower humidity after new leaves appear

Note: Died under the 3 months of 100’F plus days summer 2011