Sedum hakonense ‘Makino’

I purchased this plant at Mercer when I attended the talk on succulents. I have to say cactus and succulents have been slow to grow on me and until this past year or so I avoided them.

I wanted a low ground cover for near the front door. This spot gets afternoon sun and it pretty dry. It should form a dense, silvery mat.

It is supposed to be an annual, but so are many of the perennials growing in my garden. We’ll see. It is supposed to be hardy in zones 7-11.

Sedums love full sun, this gets about a half of a day of full sun.

Watering should be on the dry side, moist to dry.

The sedum is at full height and should spread to cover the bed it is planted in.

Grown in a container it will spread down over the edges.

Flowers are yellow and very tiny and usually appear in July.

Height only to 2″, the plant first grows out, then up.

Native of southern Japan in the mountains where it grows on both trees and the ground.

I planted this a few weeks into our drought/heat wave and it’s settled in and started to grow. Sedums are also recommended as ‘living mulches’ live plants that protect the soil from the heat of the day and help to keep the soil moisture from evaporating.

Propagate from runner cuttings.

Note: died after a couple of months of unknown causes.