Pleurothallis tripterantha orchid

There are over ~ 2000 species in the Pleurothallis family.

The tripterantha are easy to grow  and bloom year round.

Because Pleurothallis tripterantha remains tiny and prefers temperatures between 60’F and 85’F it’s a great plant for terrariums.

Light should be shade to bright light, no direct sunlight.

These are epiphytic rain forest plants, found in Central and South America.  So keep the roots wet, humidity high, but do not leave sitting in water. I find mixing peat moss in with orchid soil helps to keep the roots from rotting.

I’m having a difficult time finding information on this plant, I’ll update this entry after I’ve been growing the plant a while and had more time to experiment with it.

Native to Trinidad, Tobago, Costa Rica and Panana