Bear’s paw fern (Phlebodium aureum ‘blue star’ )

Cabbage Palm is rated for zones 9b to 11 so should do well here in Houston. It prefers light to full shade, slightly dry soil ( for a fern ) and should reach 3′ in height and 1′ across. Water is not a problem can adapt to moist or wet soil.

It is usually grown in baskets and is a fast growing fern. It is grown for its unusual shaped fronds. It can also be found growing in the nooks of live oaks.

Like rabbit’s foot fern it has creepers which are thick, these are covered in brown scales. I’ll add in a photo once they can be seen on this fern.

Does very well for a fern in droughts

Not cold tolerant, died back to the ground and as of early April has not yet re-appeared.

Scale can be a problem.

Propagation: Spreads by rhizomes.

Native to Florida, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, noted in 1854 exploration of US