Maxillaria tenuifolia orchid

4/18 new Maxillaria, notice shriveled pseudo bulbs? It needs more water
Orchid Show Maxillaria

This is an epiphytic orchid that prefers cooler temperatures, down as low as 40’F but can withstand temperatures up to 100’F. That said Maxillaria orchids will be happiest between 55′-70’F making it perfect for indoor growing if you can keep the humidity up.

Give this plant as much light as you can, find your brightest window indoors. If you place it outside in the summer it might need some protection from the sun. Watch the leaves. White or light brown spots on leaves mean it’s getting too much sun.

Keep the roots moist but not sitting in water. Do no let this orchids’ roots get dry.  If you have it planted in bark you’ll want to water it daily. Sphagnum moss is a better medium or coarse potting soil for indoor growing.

Propagate by division. Or you can take a backbulb that has already flowered, separate it from the main plant along with some roots and plant it. It will provide nutrition for the new bulb.

These orchids are from the rainforests of Central and  South America.