Mother fern aka Oriental chain fern ( Woodwardia orientalis )

I brought this home from March Mart last year, thinking it was an Australian tree fern, but then it never got any taller. These things happen.

While it is not a fast growing fern it’s certainly been trouble free. It’s been stuck in a corner with little to no sun and moderately dry soil. Neither heat nor cold nor drought bothers it, though I’m sure it’d be happier with a bit more sun and water.

It is a large fern and striking. It’s about 3′ from tip to tip right now. In time it will get small plants on the end of its fronds like a spider plant. I’ll post photos once she makes some babies for me. I’ve never known a fern to do this so I’m really looking forward to it.

Propagate by division or spores or by the small plants that grow on the end of the leaves.

Note: Survived below freezing temps in winter and great drought and 100’F for 3 months summer 2011