Pineapple Lily ( Eucomis )

Both Mercer and the Conroe Master Gardeners had this plant for sale. I grabbed one at each sale. They remind me of bromeliads when not in bloom.

When they flower they will put up 1′-2′ tall spikes that will be covered with small flowers. These are show stoppers, strangers knock on the door to inquire about them.

Eucomis prefer bright sun to part shade and plenty of water, but will rot if cold and wet all winter. They are zoned to 6-7 so winter should not be a problem, summer might be. I find the ones with a lot of sun grow shorter but fuller stalks and longer, larger leaves. The plants that are well watered and receive a several hours of sun are about 18″ high and 24″ across the plant, the stalk is about a foot higher than the leaves.

Plants die back in winter ( freezes are ok), reappear in spring, bloom for 6 weeks.

They did well in the summer heat and did not mind the drought.

Easy on the fertilizer, pineapple lilies are easily burned.

Native to South Africa

These are bulbs, do not separate them until they are very crowded. Plant the bulbs in spring, they should flower by the third year. You can also sow ripe seeds once the ground reaches 60’F. Dried seeds will not grow.

Survived summer 2011 drought and 3 months of 100’F heat