Wood sorrel ( Oxalis sp. )

I had been sure this was a type of clover, but the flowers are the give away. This is oxalis also known as wood sorrel. It showed up in the shady areas of my garden late last winter.

This plant is a vine and is considered an extremely invasive plant in Texas. I think it stays in check here only because that part of the garden is so dry. I’ll be keeping an eye on it. So far it has shown up each spring, vanished when the weather warms, and stayed put.

It is also known by the name of shrub killer. Its vines climb over shrubs, blocking the light from reaching the shrub which then dies of starvation.

So use your own judgment. I don’t think I’d buy it and plant it. If it shows up in your garden keep a very keen eye on it.

I find it to be neither heat, nor drought tolerant and that keeps it from getting out of control here. Each summer it dies back to the ground.

2 thoughts on “Wood sorrel ( Oxalis sp. )

  1. I pulled up a lot that had been in my mom’s raised garden bed. Discovered it has a bulb like root at the bottom. I’ve not had any trouble with it being a thug though.

  2. Me either, but I may just be lucky that it’s in a dry, shady location. Pretty plant, it just stopped flowering yesterday after blooming for at least a month.

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