Tea hibiscus aka Roselle aka Red Sorrel ( Hibiscus sabdariffa )

Tea hibiscus can reach 7′ tall with a similar spread. The leaves will reach about 6″ across as they age. The red stems are striking as are the deep red buds.

Mulch well and water well. This plant does not like to be dry.

Does best in full sun.

The flowers should appear any time now, it is a fall blooming plant and they will be yellow. Each flower only lasts one day.

Often used as a hedge plant.

The red flower buds are used in cooking for teas, in salads, jams, sauces, soups and just about everything else.

* This is an annual, which I had not known or I wouldn’t have grabbed it, but it will make a nice filler in the butterfly garden until I can get that re-established. Seeds should be planted two months before first frost. This plant is not frost hardy.

Native of Africa according to some sources, India according to other sources.

This was popular plant in warm US areas while people still canned. The fruits were canned each fall. As home canning fell off, and because it is an annual, it fell out of favor over time. If you are looking to establish a pre-1950s garden consider adding this plant.

Susceptible to root knot nematodes.

Roselle, Hibiscus sabdariffa
Floridata: Hibiscus sabdariffa