Grow your orchids in glass containers

Growing orchids in glass containers is a nice way to see the plant and the roots. You’ll always know if they are healthy. It also keeps up the humidity around the orchid.

If you have orchids that are young or do not get large you can plant them in large glass containers. I’ve switched over to planting them all in clay pellets, glass or rocks will work just as well.

Keep a little water in the bottom of the container. How deep depends on how deep the roots are. I plant them so there’s a half inch of potting medium at the bottom, put the bottom of the orchid roots on that, fill in around the roots with the potting medium and water up to the bottom of the roots. If the roots grow into the water that’s okay. Keep the water level about the same.

I find Phalaenopsis do not do well in glass containers, every other orchid I’ve had in a glass container has thrived. They do very well in shallow containers, like Pyrex bowls.

They don’t like closed containers, so leave the cover off