Masdevallia Orchids

This is the first of the Masdevallia orchids I’ve picked up. It was just sitting in the store and such a cool color of orange we had to bring it home.

Masdevallia orchids, like most orchids, prefer warm days and cool nights. ( 55F nights to 80F days)

Masdevallia orchids want high humidity. The higher the humidity the happier this plant will be. Watch the bulbs at the bottom of the leaves. If you see any wrinkling at all water more and provide more humidity.

These are understory plants meaning that they grow in the shade in the wild. I’ve put ours in a south west window inside, but we have a tinted film on the window to keep the heat down. I recommend east or shaded or filtered west or southern windows. It is very susceptible to sunburn.

Sphagnum moss is the preferred medium for this orchid, especially if you are growing it in a typical home. If you tend to over water your plants, use orchid bark but water daily. Do not let this orchid get dry, neither keep it sitting in water. Or you can put your orchid in regular potting soil. Any of the above will work.

This orchid is especially nice for homes because it remains compact in size.

These plants are native to Mexico and South America.