Help to save the Venus Flytraps


. . . One of nature’s most recognized wonders, the venus flytrap’s ability to snatch living prey makes it a favorite of elementary school science classes everywhere. Yet the flytrap is falsely ferocious: It’s hardly the man-eating Audrey Jr. from “The Little Shop of Horrors,” but a tiny plant only a few inches tall with leaves no bigger than a thumbprint.

These days, the little plant is more vulnerable than ever, and despite its popularity, the people who could protect it seem focused on other problems.

The flytrap’s natural habitat exists only within a hundred miles of the Carolinas’ coast, where much larger and more territorial plants have always held forth. Booming growth and development along the coast threatens to overrun the few sensitive and thin populations of venus flytraps that still exist in the wild. . .

What can you do? Fight to save native habitats. Buy some fly traps from responsible sellers and show people just was a cool wonderful plant it is. Tell them why it is worth saving. Spread the word.