Leaf Miners

While I’d heard a fair bit about leaf miners my first run in with them came this fall on the tomatoes I planted. You can easily identify the damage. It looks like someone took a beige marker and drew a squiggly line all over several leaves. They are especially fond of vegetable crops.

Leaf miners are actually fly larva. The feed between the top and bottom of your plant leaves on the inside of the leaf. As you can imagine this makes it very difficult to do anything about them.

In all but extreme cases they do little damage to the crop and are not something to be overly concerned about.

4 thoughts on “Leaf Miners

  1. I agree. I see them ocassionally but not enough to worry about them. I think a couple of years ago that they really seem to like turnera leaves. The leaves looked weird but it didn’t seem to hurt the plant.

    I’ve had problems with leaf HOPPERS, though, especially on lantana. They really seem to cut back flowering quite a bit.

  2. Nice to hear from you again. I thought you must’ve gotten hit hard with Ike since I hadn’t heard from you since about then.

    Leaf hoppers are awful. So far I haven’t had a problem with them, but I’ve heard some horror stories from other gardeners. I think they are the main cause of the oleander leaf scorch problem in Galveston.

  3. My electricity was out 17 days. Not only that, but yesterday some electricians came by and said they plan to replace the telephone pole which is just behind my rear fence. They came into my yard to look at the old one. Now I’m in a panic that they are planning to run over some of my plants in order to get to it. If you see someone on the local news dukeing it out with a bunch of electricians, that will be me!

    By the way, I have also had problems with lace bugs and lantana. In fact I have had so much trouble with lantana that I don’t even grow it anymore. Maybe I would have had better luck if I was just using it as an annual, but I was using it as a perennial. I’m sure I would have also had better luck if I had sprayed it regularly, but that’s a lot of trouble.

  4. Ouch! We were out 5 days and I was not amused. The electric company (Entergy) did an excellent job when they came here to replace an underground transformer last year. They carefully dug up and moved each plant and put it back when done. I was very impressed.

    Comcast is like a bull in a china shop. I loose plants when they look at any thing here. They just walk right on top of the plants. Makes me crazy. Arrogant about the whole thing too.

    So if I see a crazed gardener hauled off in cuffs I’ll pass the hat and we’ll come bail you out. All the gardeners will be sympathetic. Just be sure to have your lawyer stack the jury with gardeners and you’ll be fine.

    I have some lantana in what’s left of the butterfly garden. It came with the house and hasn’t been a problem yet. But I can’t say as I’m overly fond of it.

    So far I’ve been able to just use orange oil with various bugs that have gotten out of hand. I like the wildlife so I try to go easy on chemicals. Sometimes you have no choice.

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