Genetically modifying plants to allow them to thrive in dry climates

While the planet certainly does not lack in water, it does lack in fresh water in useful places. In time we will be desalinizes and piping water where ever we need it. In the meantime researchers are developing plants that can handle drier climates.

A part of the global food crisis is the inefficiency of current irrigation methods. More irrigated water evaporates than reaches the roots of crops, amounting to an enormous waste of water and energy.

Tel Aviv University researchers, however, are investigating a new solution that turns the problem upside-down, getting to the root of the issue. They are genetically modifying plants’ root systems to improve their ability to find the water essential to their survival. [ read more Genetically Modified Root Systems Result In Plants That Survive With Little Water]

On an up note, if global warming is really happening, the climate should get wetter as it gets warmer, perhaps negating the need for any of this, but why wait?