Jurassic period

The Jurassic period occurs from 206 million years ago to 142 million years ago. The climate is warm, the ice caps melt during this time and Pangaea begins to break apart. Large dinosaurs and large fish are dominant life forms.

The vegetation turns tropical again. We have shallow inland seas forming and sea lilies appear on them. The land is mostly covered in temperate forests or jungle. Temperatures are warm year round. In this time the earth becomes a noisy place instead of the mostly silent place of previous times.

Bald cypress and ferns are here. Tropical plants rule during this time.

During the last 5 million or so years of this time dinosaurs give way to mammals. 20,000 to 90,000 years after the last of the dinosaurs most of the plant life dies. Ocean levels are dropping, ice caps are forming and the mostly tropical plants can’t handle the cooler temperatures.