Umbrella Plant ( Cyperus involucratus )

This is a perfect plant for those of you who over water your plants.

This is a bog plant, so you want to sit the pot it is in inside a saucer that will hold water. Water it from the bottom and just be sure to keep water in the bottom saucer. Regular garden soil is fine, it has no special soil needs.

Umbrella plants can handle full sun, and the more sun you can give them the better. They will do fine inside in a bright south, west or east window. Inside in a pot they will only reach a couple of feet tall. In a perfect environment they can get to 4′ in height.

I like this as an indoor plant because it is so simple and modern looking. It is avoided in outdoor gardens here because it can be invasive. Which makes it an easy to grow plant and perfect for growing inside.

Propagate by division.

Native to tropical Africa.