Butterfly bush ( Buddleja davidii)

Butterflies love this bush as do hummingbirds and bees, your HOA may not. This is a plant for informal gardens or to sit behind some more conservative plants. See how the flower browns after it blooms? You’ll want to deadhead and prune this bush frequently to keep it looking nice. Or just plant it somewhere it won’t annoy your neighbors.

Flowers come in white, pink or purple. Flower clusters can reach 6″-18″ in length. The plant can reach 12′ in height, but with regular pruning makes a nice full shrub at about 6′.

I find it drops all its leaves in the cold weather but recovers nicely each spring.

Plant in full sun. Mine is in a drier area but seems to not mind that now that it has settled in. Soil should be well drained, watering needs are average. If the soil it too dry the plant will do well but it may stop flowering until it gets more water.

Prune heavily in February. This plant gets scraggly easily. It will look wonderful after a few years of heavy pruning. Many growers cut it right back to the ground each year.

Deadhead this plant to encourage more blooming, it usually blooms from spring until winter for me.

These make great cut flowers and will last as long as 3 weeks if you cut them when they first bloom.

In many places this plant is considered invasive. I’ve not yet seen it on any Houston invasive lists.

Black knight seems to be everyone’s favorite variety for attracting butterflies.

This plant was killed by a falling pine tree during Ike.