Dwarf Elkhorn Fern ( Polypodium Grandiceps )

This looks like a twisted version of a bird’s nest fern. It wants slightly more light than most ferns and lots of water like all ferns do.

The height is about 18″, the spread is the same. We are at the edge of where it will grow so plan to protect it in the winter, or plant it close to the house. Enough heat leaks out of most homes in the winter to protect smaller plants that only need a little help.

Plant in part to full shade and keep moist in the summer, slightly less water is needed in the winter. This one died during a summer drought.

Propagate by division. This plant should slowly spread through the garden itself.

I had trouble finding information on this fern, I’ll post more information as I can find it. I acquired this at Jerry’s Jungle.

Did not survive below freezing temps winter 2011

2 thoughts on “Dwarf Elkhorn Fern ( Polypodium Grandiceps )

  1. WE have a split-leaf philodendron with a stalk about 3 ft tall. All the leaves are from the very top. With yesterday’s rain, the leaves caused the top of the plant to partially break just below the leaves. Right now we have it tied up with a towel and nylon cord. How can we “save” the plant’s new growth?

  2. I had thought that was a death sentence for the split leafed philodendrons myself. But over in the comments section for split leafed philodendrons is a comment from someone who cut his in half and replanted the top part.


    So I don’t know? It might turn out ok.

    I would replant the top part – aerial roots at ground level and some rooting hormone on the bottom of the stem that goes into the ground.

    You can find rooting hormone at just about any nursery, it’s only a couple of dollars for all you will need.

    Also see the botanical gardens forum, there are some directions there for propagating this way.

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