Ornamental Pepper ( Solanaceae Capsicum annuum )

This is a really cool house plant provided you have a really bright, really sunny window. Ornamental pepper plants come with yellow, white, red, black or a combination of colors of peppers.

These peppers can be eaten, but they are quite hot so tread carefully if you try one. The recommended method is to dry them, crush them and add small amounts to other dishes.

Give the pepper plant enough light and it will forgive you just about anything else. Water when the top feels a little dry. If it shows signs of sunburn ( white leaves ) it needs more water, not less sunlight.

The fruit in this photo is young, it will get much longer as it ages.

Height is 12″-18″ and form is very upright.

Protect from cold drafts.

If yours is not doing well inside give it more light. ( Lack of flowers, bud drop, older leaves turning yellow and dropping or if the plant gets spindly it needs more light. )

Watch for aphids and white flies on these plants.

( photos is of ‘Royal Black’ variety peppers turn red when ripe )