Alocasia plumbea metallica

This alocasia is a plant that has done very well here. I just planted it this spring and it has tripled in size and needs little care. Other gardeners also report it grows with little care. It will reach a height of 6′ and a spread of about half that.

It can handle temperatures down to 10’F so no need to dig it up or cover it if we get a frost. But it will die back when temperatures dip below the mid 40’s to reappear in warmer weather, mid May in my garden. Water less in the winter to prevent rotting.

Partial shade and damp soil is preferred for this alocasia, though it can handle more sun if necessary. This can also be grown in a pot in a pond.

This plant dies back to the ground in droughts and in the cold, but returns when the weather improves. After last winter ( 09-10 ) winter’s cold it went underground and didn’t reappear until the end of May.

This is an aroid and part of the Araceae family as are philodendrons. You’ll recognize them by their flowers which have a single petal ( spathe ) and a inflorescence known as a spandix which is a phallic looking flower. Flowers are usually on a short stalk and hidden by the leaves.

Note: Barely surviving the great drought and heat of summer 2011
This one died, too bad I really enjoyed it