2000 year old seed germinates

Well, I won’t be tossing out any more seeds I think are old.

Forget cryopreservation “ hot and dry conditions might be all you need to awake far into the future. A date palm seed some 2000 years old “ preserved by nothing more than storage in hot and dry conditions “ has germinated, making it the oldest seed in the world to do so.

The ancient seed was found along with several others in the 1960s in the Masada fortress on the edge of the Dead Sea in Israel. Recently, three were planted in soil and one germinated. . . .

Hot and dry they say saved the seed. If you are in Houston like me, you’ll want to store your seeds someplace cool and dry. Store them in the air conditioned house, not in the garage, and store them in an air tight container.

To test to see if your seeds are any good, toss a few into a plastic baggie with damp soil, seal it up and put it in the vegetable draw of your fridge. In a fews days, or weeks depending on the seed you’ll see how many sprouted and get an idea of what percent will germinate from your stored seeds.