More bad news about RoundUp and fertilizer hit by inflation

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use RoundUp. It is great for dealing with poison ivy and hard to weed spots, but everything in moderation and RoundUp and other herbicides containing atrazine should be used in extreme moderation.

A common weedkiller in the U.S., already suspected of causing sexual abnormalities in frogs and fish, has now been found to alter hormonal signaling in human cells, scientists from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) report.

. . . It was banned in Europe after studies linked the chemical to endocrine disruptions in fish and amphibians. . .

In studies with human placental cells in culture, the UCSF scientists found that atrazine increased the activity of a gene associated with abnormal human birth weight when over-expressed in the placenta. [read more Common herbacide disrupts human hormone activity in cell studies]

The Herbacide Atrazine Activates Endocrine Gene Networkds via Non Steriod NR5A Nuclear Receptors in Fish and Mammalian Cells ( read the paper )

And more bad news on the chemical end of gardening: Fertilizer prices are drastically climbing.

In part because of a global surge in demand, the price of fertilizer has skyrocketed 228 percent since 2000, forcing U.S. farmers to switch crops, cut back on fertilizer or search for manure as a substitute.

Wholesalers and retailers are scrambling to find and buy fertilizer and juggle what supplies they have to meet customers’ needs. Between 2001 and 2006, global demand jumped 14 percent, an amount equivalent to the entire U.S. market, according to The Fertilizer Institute, a Washington D.C.-based trade group.

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3 thoughts on “More bad news about RoundUp and fertilizer hit by inflation

  1. One more reason not to use the stuff unless you absolutely have to…and baring poison ivy, I can’t think of a good reason to use it.

  2. I never have used any weed killer of any kind. I was always afraid that it would migrate into some other plant and weaken or kill it. I get rid of weeds by either smothering them with heavy mulches or pulling them. I also use a weed eater once in a while.

    I don’t use any bug killers either. I just spray my plants hard and regularly with a water hose. Works pretty well.

    I don’t use anti-fungal products either. If a plant really has that much of a problem fighting fungus, then I don’t want it. For example, I love roses, but the only one I grow is Knockout.

  3. That’s great Gary.

    Now that we are getting the gardens established I’m finding I don’t need the RoundUp anymore.

    I don’t need pesticides often and on the rare occasion I do, I find orange oil works just fine. Thus far fungus has not been a problem.

    But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t tackle poison ivy with out a weed killer, yet.

    This day went by so fast and I never did get out to fertilize. That may have to wait until tomorrow.

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