Mosquito fish keep your backyard ponds free of mosquitoes

Who knew? Why use chemicals in your pond when you can just add mosquito eating fish?

While lawmakers in Washington struggle to solve the nation’s foreclosure crisis, officials here are using a small fish to clean up some of the mess.

The Gambusia affinis is commonly known as the “mosquito fish” because of its healthy appetite for the larvae of the irritating and disease-spreading insects. Lately, the fish is being pressed into service in California, Arizona, Florida and other areas struggling with a soaring number of foreclosures.

The problem: swimming pools of abandoned homes have turned into mosquito breeding grounds.

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There are two mosquito fish, one eastern and one western. Both are native to the Gulf of Mexico. They survive in fresh and salt water. They are about the size of guppies and rapidly multiply to keep your pond free of mosquitoes.

If you are in California you can get some for free from the government Mosquito Fish and Googling ‘mosquito fish’ will bring up lots of suppliers.

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