Red tipped photinia

This is an amazingly beautiful tree. New leaves come out red, transition to green, and it is full of lilac like blooms in the spring, but with out the heavy scent.

If you are lucky enough to have one, enjoy it while you can. I don’t recommend buying one to plant here. One fungus or another will eat it before too much time goes by.

Unfortunately for us, our was attacked by fungi before I knew to watch out for these things. The splitting of the bark at the bottom means its days are numbered. It was also planted way too close to the house so it can’t get a breeze through to help keep the fungi away.

If you catch the fungus early, you might be able to save your plants. ( see: Entomosporium Leaf Spot on Red Tip. ) This occurs when we have a wet cool spring or fall with temperatures between 60’F and 80’F and 12+ hours of rain. ‘Immunox’ is the recommended fungicide. Put a couple of drops of dish soap in when you mix the fungicide and it will spread better over the leaves.

If you still want to buy and plant one, and I understand, it’s a really pretty tree. Plant it in full sun, in a well drained location that will catch a breeze. Water frequently. Easy on fertilizes as photinia is salt sensitive.

These are sometimes kept super pruned into shrubs but are at their best when allowed to grow into tree form. They will reach 20′ in height.