Elephant ears aka African mask ( Alocasia Frydek )

This does very well indoors. Outdoors you’ll need a warm climate and a nice boggy location. Place it in an east or north window and keep the soil moist. It is native to rainforests.

If you are someone who over waters your house plants you’ll like alocasias. They love water. Just be sure to let all the water drain out of the bottom of the pot before putting it back in its saucer.

Protect them from the cold, keep it away from drafty windows and doors if you are in a cold climate.

This plant wants a humid location. Keep it in a bathroom or kitchen or some other damp part of your home if your home is dry.

Grow in shade outside, a sheltered window indoors

Alocasia will reach 1′ to 2′ tall indoors, 2′-4′ outdoors

If it out grows its pot you can easily divide it into more plants. Slice the plant into parts with a sharp knife, keeping some leaves and roots with each section. You can leave it whole and just put it in a larger pot when the time comes.

The only problem might be if your home is too dry. If it isn’t doing well it is likely your home has dry air. Outside I find it flops and dies back to the ground in dry weather, returning when things get wetter. It might survive an occasional mild freeze.

If you are not planting it in potting soil that has time released fertilizer, fertilize monthly.

The correct name for this plant is Alocasia micholitziana but most often you’ll find it labeled Alocasia Frydek or Alocasia Fryder.

This plant is native to the Philippines where they are an important food crop. The starch from the plants is combined with coconut milk in several dishes. Don’t try this at home, improper cooking can result in illness.