Voilet squill ( Ledebouria socalis )

This is a cool, tiny delight. The plant is about 6″ tall with a 12″ spread. The flower stalks are tiny and the flowers tinier, but aren’t they so cool?

It will wilt and die back in a drought, but will usually bounce back after watering, keep moist if you can.

Grows in full sun to part shade.

This plant can go dormant in the summer, cut back on watering when it does.

When you plant this plant place bulbs just under the soil.

These died back to the ground after several hard freezes last winter and re-appeared early April. They are struggling with the extreme heat and drought of summer.

These make an excellent houseplant if you want really cool foliage about 6″ tall. The leaves tend to purple underneath and green and silver spots on top. It easily flowers indoors. The flowers are really cool pink-white and green.

This is very easy to grow, water when top of soil feels dry, but it will forgive you occasionally over or under watering it. It will grow in dim locations and will flower if you put in somewhere it can get bright light. It works well under fluorescent lights as well. It does not like bright direct light so keep it from south or bright west exposures.

Keep from drafty cold windows as well, this is a tropical plant.

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