Dominican Oregano

I had a terrible time getting an herb bed going. Herbs love dry heat and dry soil and my whole garden is a bog most of the year.

Despite being planted in damp clay this oregano has wintered over and is about a year old now.

Dominican oregano tends to be more upright than most. It has small flowers in the spring.

Oregano can reach 3′ tall, this plant seems to be content at about a foot tall and a foot across.

I could find almost no information on this plant, which is a shame. It is such an easy grower and not the least bit invasive as herbs can be.

Shortly after this photo was taken I gave it a solid pruning, removing about half of its height. Herbs in general do well with heavy handed pruning.

If you are looking for an easy oregano try this one.

I lost this plant to unknown causes.

5 thoughts on “Dominican Oregano

  1. I think I had that kind of oregano for a while. The variety I have now has been sooo slow to establish, and so low to the ground.

    PS: do you need tomato plants? I’ve some seedling Paul Robeson and Mortgage Lifter seedlings, far more than I can use.

  2. I find herbs hard to establish in every garden I’ve had. Then once they settle in they need no care.

    Thanks, but I think I’m set for tomatoes. Mine are doing pretty good this year.

  3. Hi,

    After living in the Dominican Republic for several years — I have fallen in love with Dominican Oregano. I have found it in the US off an on — but am seeking a source. I presently live in the Atlanta area — does anyone have any advice on gettng a plant — I have plenty of dried leaves…

    Thanks in advance. Please email:

  4. I found this at an Extension office plant sale in the ‘experimental’ area. Maybe someone else has a good source?

  5. can anybody sell me some dominican oregano thru ebay please? nishadnyc@yahoo let me know.

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