Yes you can grow hibiscus as a house plant. You need a very bright window and high humidity.

There are tropical and cold hardy hibiscus, check the plant label. If the plant tag is not helpful remember that tropical hibiscus tend to have darker, glossier leaves than do hardy ones. Tropical flowers tend to be larger than 3″ hardy flowers 2″ or less.

If you do not keep your home very humid, place your hibiscus near a fountain or in a bathroom where frequent showers are taken or in your kitchen. To do well hibiscus plants need humidity.

Put it in any sunny window where a cactus will do well.

Water to keep soil moist but not wet. When the top is dry water. Hibiscus wilt when dry. Fertilize frequently. A half dose of fertilizer twice a month is sufficient.

Most do not mind occasional exposure to cold from a door or drafty window, but they will do better if you keep them warm.