Rookery is getting busy again

Finally some sun today! The hummingbirds are out and about again. I didn’t see them at all during those two cloudy weeks we had. They are all staking out claims on various feeders and each is ferociously guarding his claim.

I finished listening to ‘Walden Woods’ and I am working on ‘Moby Dick’ both of which I downloaded from LibriVox for free. It’s really kind of nice being read to and it almost makes up for the iPhone not allowing you to store pdfs.

I rode the bike by the rookery to see if there were any little ones yet. Boy has it grown. From about three trees last year to at least six trees this year. No babies yet. Nest building appears complete and everyone is just hanging out gossiping and waiting on the eggs to hatch.

As I type this there is a squirrel repeatedly sliding down the glass of the window across the kitchen trying to reach the bird feeder. Where is that damn cat? Either cat? They are always asleep on the job. One of those rodents figured out how to get into the second floor window feeder, that feeder will have to get moved this weekend.