Ice your orchid?

Not really. Orchids are mostly tropical plants who will not enjoy a cold shower of water. Consider semi-hydroponics for your orchids if you are having trouble watering them.

Semi-Hydro uses clear containers, usually with drainage holes about an inch up, I use glass. Plants are potted in clay pellets, which are re-useable. My orchids have thrived since I’ve switched them over a few months ago.

“People think that they’re thirsty, that ‘I better get that orchid a little drink of water,”‘ said orchid grower Bob Fuchs. “They rot them.”

Whether buying orchids in a grocery store, a big-box retailer or a specialty garden shop like Fuchs’ nursery, it’s important to identify the species. Two popular species – sun-loving vandas and elegant phalaenopsis orchids – have different watering regimes.

“If you have an orchid in your house, a phalaenopsis that’s growing in a mossy mix, put a couple ice cubes a week on top of the moss,” Fuchs said. “Let that melt in there and that’s enough water for a week.”

Vandas can tolerate heavier, daily waterings if they’re allowed to drain and dry thoroughly.